Elephant, Gracie and the Wild Things…thinking of Maurice…

Elephant's collection begins...

Elephant’s collection begins…

It made sense that Elephant’s first step out into the big world would be as part of an event honoring Maurice Sendak. Tracey studied with Maurice in the late 70’s at Parson’s in NY.

How does one draw a picture for Maurice?

Years ago, Maurice asked Tracey to make him a stuffed “Wild Thing” t-shirt.
He asked her what she would charge.
What do you charge Maurice?
What to charge……Maurice Sendak?
She would do it for free.
How about a swap?
A wild thing for a wild thing!

I think she got the best part of that deal!

“When it came time to honor Maurice with a picture, Tracey went into her studio. She turned on Mozart. She sat at her drawing table. She looked befuddled. Until…we jumped out of her pen and on to the page. That’s when I started reading the Wild Things to Elephant”–Gracie

Elephant and Gracie reading Where the Wild Things Are for the Sendak Memorial Auction ABFFE 2013

Elephant and Gracie reading Where the Wild Things Are for the Sendak Memorial Auction ABFFE 2013

(She also donated a print of Bob for the regular auction…but this is not Bob’s blog…you can search for him on the link below if you want)

Take a look at the links below to see all the amazing children’s book art that has been donated as well as information about the auction.

Proceeds from the auction will underwrite projects that support freedom of speech for everyone in the children’s books industry:

  • The Kids’ Right to Read Project (KRRP)
  • Banned Books Week
  • Ongoing legal efforts on behald of children’s books and authors nationwide



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