ELEPHANT in NYC…OH MY!…Elephant and Gracie go to BEA…

ElephantBigEyesElephant goes to NYC for Book Expo America at the Javits Center…His book will be available in OCTOBER 2013….but his F&Gs will be hanging out at the Macmillan table…he is a little nervous about going to the big city…without being bound…will his pages get scattered about?….will they blow into the hudson?…there are all kinds of things an elephant can worry about!

It’s ok…Gracie will be there…I’ll be there…and lots of folks at Macmillan will there to keep an eye on him!

Still if you see an elephant wandering around NYC…looking a little befuddled…will you direct him towards the Javits Center…and if he looks hungry…give him a peanut?…thanks tcp



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