Elephant & Gracie & The Original Art Show at Society of Illustrators…

ELEPHANT'S STORY...headed to NYC for The Society of Illustrator's Original Art Show...

ELEPHANT’S STORY…headed to NYC for The Society of Illustrator’s Original Art Show…

Elephant and Gracie have been busy getting ready for their trip to the big city.
Besides their big night out on the town for the opening of the Original Art Show…

There’s a link to Tracey’s blog with information about The Original Art Show at The Society of Illustrators below…

And…Gracie is packing Elephant’s bags for storytimes.

Elephant will be at Bank Street Bookstore on Wednesdyay, October 23rd at 10:30 am…for storytime.
Elephant will be at Books of Wonder on Friday, October 25th…storytime at 4…Elephant and Gracie will be there at 4:30!

Uptown…Downtown…East Side…West Side…Elephant and Gracie will be busy in NYC….they can’t wait…Gracie’s bringing her camera…Tracey always brings her sketchbook…


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