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No more waiting for Elephant…

Elephant and Gracie’s books have arrived! They go on sale tomorrow…but they couldn’t wait to check out the box at their local independent bookstore!….tcp

PS…We’ll be visiting bookstores…visit the Event’s page on my website to see if we’ll be in your area!…


Elephant’s Big Day..one week away…

Elephant thinking...

Elephant thinking…

Elephant’s Big day…October 22nd…is just one week away.
Gracie told him “It’s time to get on the ball”

…so he did.

Elephant on vacation in Maine…

Elephant contemplating The Moon

Elephant contemplating The Moon over Maine…

Elephant and Gracie had a lovely summer vacation on Little Deer Isle in Maine.
Elephant’s having a quiet moment enjoying the moon before his big day on October 22nd…when he and Gracie are out in bookstores.

Even though he’s just hanging out being Elephant…SLJ found him…
Here’s his review…good job Elephant!…

PEARSON, Tracey Campbell. Elephant’s Story. illus. by author. 40p. Farrar/Margaret Ferguson. Oct. 2013. Tr $17.99. ISBN 978-0-374-39913-9.

PreS-Gr 1–Elephant is worried. It shows in his eyes. He has accidentally sucked up all the words in Gracie’s favorite book. When he presents the blank-paged book to his friends, they don’t know what to do. Instead of making words, Seal spins the letters around his nose, Monkey throws them around, and Alligator eats them. There are some tense moments when Gracie sees Elephant sitting on her lost book, so she pulls on his trunk and tickles it, and a big sneeze produces all the missing words. Pearson’s humorous illustrations are drawn with a loose flowing line. An overlay of light watercolors brings to life Elephant’s expressive face. Endpapers show him making the letters of the alphabet with his body. A lighthearted picture book for storytimes about friendship, cooperation, or books.–Tanya Boudreau, Cold Lake Public Library, AB, Canada

Elephant on vacation in Maine.

Elephant and Gracie on vacation in Maine.

Lots to do…Lots to do…Lots to do…

But first…Elephant needs to just sit…enjoy the ocean smells…sniff…sniff…tcp

PS…Elephant and Gracie just learned about Rosie and Opal!!!!….two retired circus elephants living in Hope, Maine! We are so sorry we missed them!!! Elephant had no idea he had relatives living in Maine! We can’t wait to go back to Maine and visit them….If you can’t get to Hope…here are some links:


Hope Elephants in Maine…Rosie and Opal


2013 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Cover…with Elephant & Gracie!

2013 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Cover with Gracie reading to Elephant

2013 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Cover with Gracie reading to Elephant

Elephant and Gracie are very excited to be on the 2013 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Cover this Fall!

When asked to comment…

Gracie said, “Everyone should read to their Elephant!”

…and what did Elephant have to say?


2013 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog Cover Revealed

By Shannon OConnor on Wednesday, Jun 19, 2013

“This month, the cover of the Fall 2013 ABC Best Books for Children Catalog was chosen by members of the ABC Advisory Council. This year’s cover features an illustration from Tracey Campbell Pearson’s Elephant’s Story, published by Farrar, Straus and Giroux Books for Young Readers, a division of Macmillan Children’s Publishing Group.  Pearson’s book, publishing in late October, is the sweet story of an elephant who finds both a lost book and a new friend…”

See more at: http://www.bookweb.org/node/26745