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Small Day is a Big Day for Elephant…


Everyday is small business day for Elephant & Gracie…

Here they are at their local indie bookseller…


“Do you like my earrings?” asks Elephant.
“Perfect,” says Gracie.

Elephant celebrates the New Year!


Elephant  wishes for the New Year…

Elephant Alphabet for Peace. Love. Books.

Elephant Alphabet for Peace. Love. Books.

…and from Gracie…and all of my studio companions…Best Wishes for 2015

Gracie and Elephant New Year 2015

Following Elephant & Gracie…into the social media world…oh my!


Following Elephant and Gracie…on instagram

Following Elephant and Gracie…on instagram

Elephant and Gracie have been busy….They’re having fun on instagram and Facebook…you can follow them to see what they’re up to…enjoy!…tcp

Here’s a link:




and a link to Tracey’s blog:


Elephant and Gracie make room for the Mazza Museum of Picture Book Art Bus Tour of Vermont Children’s Book Illustrator studios……

For more about Tracey Campbell Pearson and her books…
visit her website:
and her blog:

Elephant and Gracie visit Norwich Bookstore…

Elephant and Gracie in Norwich, Vt

Elephant and Gracie in Norwich, Vt

Elephant and Gracie are back in Vermont. They can’t wait for Norwich Bookstore’s Second Saturday at The Norwich Public Library….We’ll even make Elephant Valentines!…it will be tons of fun…come play!…Saturday February 8th at 1:00….tcp



Elephant visits the Institute of Contemporary Art…Boston

Elephant and Gracie have been busy at bookstores.

They took a break in Boston to visit the Institute of Contemporary Art.

What did they see?

Elephant paintings by Amy Sillman!

Sooooo very cool….tcp

No more waiting for Elephant…

Elephant and Gracie’s books have arrived! They go on sale tomorrow…but they couldn’t wait to check out the box at their local independent bookstore!….tcp

PS…We’ll be visiting bookstores…visit the Event’s page on my website to see if we’ll be in your area!…


ELEPHANT’S STORY…Art in Brattleboro, VT at Brooks Memorial Library…

The original idea for ELEPHANT’S STORY began with a call from a librarian…(see link)

It makes perfect sense to show and share my process…from sketches to press sheets..in the cases at the Brooks Memorial Library.

The Brooks Memorial Library has filled these cases with artwork from children’s book illustrators for…I’m not sure how many years…but it is a great opportunity to see how different illustrators (and authors) approach the task of creating a picture book.

Elephant and Gracie will be in the cases through the end of October…I’m not sure who is showing next…you’ll have to go to the library and find out….tcp

PS…If you get a chance to see the show….don’t forget to go into the stacks…and check out their books!